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When it says "Enchantable" do you mean like magic weapon or sunlight blade? Cause if so, holy f*ck that's powerful.
Crystal demon great hammer + DMB = over 1k damage.
Unfortunately, that's wrong. You can't use any buff on that weapon, since it's a special one.
It is actually NOT enchantable.
how does it only have 200 durability when the aoe attack is said to do max damage at 600 durability?
Because it has 600 durability you fuc king goon
Best weapon in the game.
I thought this would be fun, but the wrath of god destroys its durability. I can only do it a few times. If i do it too many times and it breaks, i'm out of the fight and it costs 1200 to repair. I suppose i could use the wood grain ring, but in ds1, only 2 slots makes wearing that ring unacceptable.
Also, you won't get it until late in the game and the stats are so demanding you won't get to use it for your first playthrough. I also hate getting my strength to 50, since going over 40 does very little to boost your damage, making it a waste of stat points.
Wood Grain Ring does not reduced the effects of weapon special attacks (such as dragon weapons and MLGS) its just best to buy repair powder or use the Repair sorcery spell
It's a two handed weapon though meaning you shouldn't even be at 50 strength in the first place.



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