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The info about attacking Rhea in Tomb of Giants is NOT TRUE, at least in DSR. I accidentally swiped her once with my weapon while fighting her bodyguards, and she started attacking me.
I accidentally aggroed Bowlcut at the start of the game, had to kill him, came back later and killed his two mates, but instead of killing Reah, I realized all she can do is 1-HP punches (and also 1-HP "back stabs"), so I just kind of kept her as an attraction. I'd be in the middle of talking with Griggs, and suddenly I'd explode in a fountain of blood as she pummeled my spine, yet still be totally unharmed, and Griggs would keep chatting with me as if nothing happened. That is, until she tried to run away from me and fell off a cliff...
Is it possible to get all the miracles she sells after Petrus kills her?
Sadly no you must go to ng.