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The info about attacking Rhea in Tomb of Giants is NOT TRUE, at least in DSR. I accidentally swiped her once with my weapon while fighting her bodyguards, and she started attacking me.
I accidentally aggroed Bowlcut at the start of the game, had to kill him, came back later and killed his two mates, but instead of killing Reah, I realized all she can do is 1-HP punches (and also 1-HP "back stabs"), so I just kind of kept her as an attraction. I'd be in the middle of talking with Griggs, and suddenly I'd explode in a fountain of blood as she pummeled my spine, yet still be totally unharmed, and Griggs would keep chatting with me as if nothing happened. That is, until she tried to run away from me and fell off a cliff...
Is it possible to get all the miracles she sells after Petrus kills her?
Sadly no you must go to ng.
I remember in the original ps3 version if you attacked Reah with a weapon (not killing her) in the Tomb of the Giants after killing the 2 hollows, she had dialogue. Does anyone remember what it was? I can't find it anywhere online. She said something like "I deserve your actions, you have every right to be angry with me" .. or something like that. Does anyone know or remember???
Found her in the Archives dead in a cell with the set and the ring there. What I did wrong?
It's just her loot. As long as Petrus didn't kill her, she should be somwhere else
will Petrus still kill Reah when you dont kill Nito? i am asking this because i didnt kill Nito and Petrus only said that he is happy that you rescued her. shouldnt he say something like she is nothing worth?
Most ppl seem to thinkhe's lying bc if you don't kill him or buy all of Rhea miracles and her divine blessing she dies and he mysteriously have her catalyst.
It could be interpreted 2 ways tho. The first, is that he was already suppose to kill Rhea and that's why he was with her. Second, just like she ask you to kill her old friends, once they turn hollow, he would kill her if she turned. Now why doesn't he go for her when she's imprisoned in the Duke 9archive ? Most likely bc he was too weak (he sells only basic miracles) or scared to do it.
I did buy all of her miracles and articles after freeing her from the tomb of the giants but she never left undead parish and eventually got killed by petrus.. I didn't kill nito so i guess that's the reason
Thats because u have to buy all of her spells AND the 1 divine blessing she has
If you want to completely save Rhea you need to rescue her from the crypt, kill off that sucker Petrus of Thorolund, and then just make sure you don't buy all of her miracles. I recommend buying Homeward from Petrus since you really only ever need one copy of that spell anyway, and then simply not buying it from Rhea. You don't really get anything from doing this, except the satisfaction of cheesing death away from a game that likes to kill every single person you meet.
I went in the tomb without a lordvessel for time I kill her myself...