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Meh not to be an a** but i really have never seen the fuss bout the combo yes it hurts but only if they manage to hit you lol, so if someone trying it pressure the hell out of them or get the poise to make em think twice about wanting to trade
You could say that about anything. "It's strong but only if it hits you."
The item description kind of reminds me of the Soul Edge from Soul Calibur... After countless battles, the blade became fused with the blood and hatred of its victims, granting the weapon its very own soul. Though it looks like we stop Gael just in time before that part happens, lol.
Why is it that they released every single FotM/OP crap in their last DLC? Can't join a match without finding someone using this thing lately.
Duels outside of Pontif still seem fairly varied on PS4 and PC. Plus, you bith get to keeo embered health so matches last a bit longer.
to make you buy the dlc ofc. Stop thinking in terms like "they do it for fans". They do it for money. And that's ok. It keeps them making these games.
Rather this than the Dragonslayer Scrubaxe.
Looks amazing and deals
So much DAMAGE with it’s true combo
gael's WA secret.

1 - you can delay the WA. Just after you slam it, you can actually wait before pressing R1 or R2. (just make sure the sword animation doesn't completely back on the shoulder.)

2 - you can cancel the R2WA with another back step or rolling after the backstep animation.
You can REALLY delay that WAR1. Hardly seems fair lol
well now its not secret anymore



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my 2nd favorite sword :P
Any alternative weapons that work similarly to this weapon?
wolf knight's gs
Or the Farron Greatsword, both have very unique movesets that have alot of movement in them. Ringed Knight Paired Greatsword if you want to be a meme.
farron gs is literally the biggest meme of the game
Still good in pvp?
Yes. The combo is still overpowered.
well, it never can cancle all of its attacks and it's easy to parry
The duality of man
You need titanite Scales to reinforce this weapon
look like a larger version of broken straight sword, therefor twas Gael who bested gundyr confirm, might need testing
Wasn’t it the player character that bested Gundyr? I thought that the area past Oceiros was the cemetery of ash in the past during a dark age.
Going with the Untended graves being in the past, then it would've been the player. But if they are in the future, then it could've been Gael. But, we'll never know.
not sure if I'm discussing this with myself just know but....untended graves are the past. Ludleth is talking about the events as if they happened in the past. (Firekeepers eyes dialogue).
God damn don’t take everything so literal OP joking around
dude wtf xD gael's sword is a broken version of the executioners GS