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I wish they had pontiff sulyfan dual greatswords, it would be so dope.
Just dual wield Greatsword of Judgement and Profaned Greatsword.
I wish the game was easy.
They made it this way for a reason. Try to challenge yourself
This game is easy
Git Gud



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[Point Down Emote]
These, along with UGS, ruin the game. Poise is the real culprit, but being 100% guaranteed a hit after your swing starts is bad *****ing design. It's a slow weapon so it deserves it? What, does having the muscle to swing that hunk of iron magically make you immune to the same attacks that stagger you all over the place when you slap on a dagger? If it's slow, it's to offset the damage. Which is what it does. But DS3 decided to make these the braindead weapon class that any moron can facetank players and enemies with. "Did I get a hit? Swing again! Did I miss? SWING AGAIN! Am I out of stamina? SWING AGAIN!" It takes what little nuance was left in the series and threw it out the *****ing window. But hey, who cares. Not like Strength builds and GS/UGS builds are over 70% of the playerbase. That's just because people REALLY like big swords. OBVIOUSLY.
Mate, git gud. If we are talking about realistic mechanics, mind you in a video game, then this is most logical. Believe it or not, there is a thing such as momentum. Unless you would hit them with enough force, you would not be able to stop them. Just because you are most likely a straight sword parry noob doesn't mean that every other weapon is "op" just because you don't want to deal with actual game mechanics and you just want to stunlock everything. And yeah, strength being op? You do realize top meta uses DEX more, and that most of the S weapons are dex?



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I'm with the other guy.
Sorry you suck, these weapons are easy to deal with, slow basic combos costing huge stamina. Git Gud.
You have no right to complain about a weapon that isn't as fast as a Straight Sword. If you wrote a similar response like this on the Lothric Knight Sword page? Probably would of agreed with you.
Someone needs to get laid
you have no idea how much heavy weapons suck in this game dont you? STR has never been better than DEX for PvP in any Dark Souls game & you're seriously saying this?
Poise was stronger in DS1 how did DS3 ruin it lol
Here's the list of stat requirements for the Greatswords in alphabetical order:

Bastard Sword = 11/10/0/0
Black Knight Sword = 14/18/0/0
Claymore = 11/13/0/0
Drakeblood Greatsword = 12/16/0/0
Executioner's Greatsword = 13/13/0/0
Firelink Greatsword = 14/10/10/10
Flamberge = 10/14/0/0
Gael's Greatsword = 13/13/0/0
Greatsword of Judgement = 12/15/12/0
Hollowslayer Greatsword = 10/18/0/0
Moonlight Greatsword = 11/11/26/0
Onyx Blade = 10/12/15/15
Storm Ruler = 0/0/0/0
Twin Princes' Greatsword = 15/14/0/0
Wolf Knight's Greatsword = 16/18/0/0
Wolnir's Holy Sword = 9/13/0/13
*Two handed
Possibly the best versatile and best weapon class in the game.

Has higher poise damage
Has hyper armor when two handed
Has longer reach than the straight swords
Deals more damage than the straight swords
1H R1s can used in a similar fashion that of a straight sword
Has some unique, and kickass swords such the BKS, the Twin Princes', or the Hollowslayer

More stamina consuming
Slower to execute (difference is about 0.25 seconds at most)(only R1s are being compared because R2s can vary a lot in terms of moveset and execution timing)


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Hope you didn’t meant pvp. Greatswords are decent. imo a weaponclass without any option to pressure the enemy can’t be top tier.
lol in pvp you will get destroyed if you use anything slow period. Greatswords suck except Hollow Slayer (because poise comes out so fast), Gael's due to the WA & Black Knight due to the WA as well. Thats about it but it's a terrible weapon class for PvP where Straight Swords, Washing Poles & Estocs rule.
My Onyx 2h r1 and r2 were this new? Always was under the impression that the gs while 2 handed cannot be parried...!?
Its always being like that i think your getting confused with UGS two handed most of them can't be parried.
hmm okay. gs just always cutted trough my parry attempts like butter till that encounter. (2k hours in the game). thx
# Berserk
There are missing Greatswords in this wiki


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Like what? I'll be sure to add them.
I would have loved to have a Greatsword that scales with A both in Faith and Intelligence with a chaos infusion ... ohwell I guess I'll have to just use my CHAOS ZWEIHANDER.
Giantdad calm the **** down
Dark or Chaos infused Claymore does very high damage at 30/30 faith/intelligence
"they have less range" "they are slower"...and they are op. nailing you into the ground after one hit and killing you with the fast second hit. But hey, nice try fextra. nice try...
git gud
"git gud" yourself first maybe by actually play some pvp instead of getting hissy like a little p*ssy. gs are op. everyone debating this isn't even worth my time lol.
well, arrogant twats like you aren't worth anyone's time, so...
Anything, if played right, can be OP, you're just bad. Greatswords are parriable, even 2H. They're easy to dodge, and if you bother to put any points into vigor, it isn't usually a 2hit. Sword+board that can parry >>> greatsword. Something tells me youre a parryking tho. git gud