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Softcaps at 28 STR and 60 DEX. 19/60 = 541 AR and 28/60 = 561 AR.
Hey, i know its unpopulr to ask for stuff on here but i have garbage internet and its rough trying to farm the covenant items. if youre willing to drop this for me, my psn is CyberEndDragoon. Thanks guys!
what is the the stuff hanging from the weapon when you use it.
You know the hair like stuff
Moss. It's Artorias greatsword but highly degraded
It's not the Greatsword of Artorias. His sword isn't curved or nearly as large, and it's already in the game, accessed by transposing the Abyss Watchers soul.
There's a requirement before you are healed in my tests it's around ten consecutive hit and 5 consecutive kills before healing