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It is also possible to get "A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing" if you fight your way in to Roost's camp - all the Wolves are dead when you free Saheila, so you never fight any with her. Not sure if it's supposed to work like that...
The achievement "The Seven Altars" seems to require you to pray at all the altars without learning from Alexander/Sallow Man/someone else about the Council of the Seven, or learning how to enter the Academy. If you ask them about it, the achievement stops counting altars.
How to get the promise?


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You have to play as Fane. Once you get into the Academy via the Lunar Gate. You will meet a voidewoken delegate who will offer you to swear to the Covenant.
It's actually possible to miss Thunders of the Upper Deep in the first section. I stayed on the ship too long and it ended up killing me but I was saved by one of the gods (Found out later it was Duna, as I was playing a custom dwarf). I didn't get the achievement.
Stealing a potato should totally be a random achievement. BECAUSE IT'S A POTATO, AND YOU CAN STEAL IT!!
You can get the Curse achievement without being an Undead, there is a recipe for a Curse Scroll.
"A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing": Teleport does not works for me because it teleport my group and not sahelia (she is following Sebile)
Fun fact: IF everyone outside that room is dead before Sahelia joins your party you *technically* got her out without fighting.
Just teleport your party out, walk back, kill the enemies at the bridge and get Saheila out. Worked for me, I guess since Saheila herself never was in combat.
Embrace your Demon: "Let Lohse get possessed by the demon while fighting it. Should take 3 turn"
I'm 12 turn in the fight...
He possesses her only if you didn't blow out the candles