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Thse things should definitely have a grab attack, I mean they are so creepy and well designed, but they are absolute wimps when you fight them. No poise, no hp, low damage etc.
Don't they actually have a grab attack...?
"Strongly resembles a house centipede"
Me: Huh. Wonder what that is. Is it from an earlier game?
Me, after looking it up: Thanks, I hate it.
Where I live those things house centipedes are common appearances and they freak everyone out xD they're not that big though, about the size of a small sticky note (leg span) and aren't fast either and are easy to hit. That being said, the real danger is getting hit by your friend who freaks out after seeing one :P
You described a house centipede like a dark souls enemy
Jumpscared me on my first runthrough of Distant Manor. Really cool design though, definitely scare-worthy. That and the crocodile wolf.
"Crocodile wolf" aka Sulyvahn Beasts are taken from the manga Berserk, it's called the Beast Of Darkness, and it embodies the hero inner fears (Miyazaki confirmed the influence):
First time I saw one, I immediately thought of the girl from the Ring... and then it got worse. The sounds alone are enough to make your skin crawl.
Yea, they're the reason I dont play this game.
I think the death screech that these make is the same as the death screech of the Stone Rose from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
H8 these bastards
They look like someone tried to make a human centipede with face huggers
Literally, the reason I can't finish the game alone.
They remind me so much of John Carpenter's "The Thing"