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I know most of you don't have trouble with this boss, but PLEASE put up a better guide... This is one of the ruthless bosses in the series right up next to Champion Gundyr. I have good lightning resistent armor, i have a Halberd +10 and I do enough damage, I can bear the poison, but i can NOT beat this boss, it's the melee attacks that get me, he hits me, I dodge then heal, he charges me and kills me. This is 10+ time I have died. Also I'm soul level 57.
Wow you must be the *****ist player ever it's by far the easiest boss to beat
Lol champion Gundyr is a great fight but hard? Dude how the hell did you make it to either of those fights
Notice how helpful these two loser were. /sarc
Come back when you're at a higher soul level bud, 57 is way too early for the AOTA areas.
That's because Fextralife and all of the mouthbreathers on here are f u c king stupid. I'm having a crazy amount of trouble with him on NG+2 so I feel you.
This boss is also weak for divine weapons, i'm used a silver knight spear And obtained good results against him.
This boss took me about 4 tries to beat by two handing a estoc +10 with no gems or added enhancements it's just all down to timing and having a fast reaction
Estoc is horrible in this game, didn't gain any viability until 3 where it coincidentally became the best starting weapon, go figure.



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Is this even a boss? I mean....i killed it today with a Demon Greataxe +14, STR 62, two handed weapon and Power Within pyromancy.....took me 3 hits to melt him down, and barely 30 seconds of fight....if you call that a fight, off course
just go back to the boss room after you killed Artorias, that will be the suprise :)
You were crazily overleveled. 62 Strength means you were what, SL 100? Nothing to brag about.
Good job, you killed a boss quickly with an easy mode build.
Fellas I don’t mind if you think I’m wrong but this guy is kinda cute. Not only that, but he’s just trying to protect his crib.
And you brutally murdered him.
If you read the description of its soul, it seems that's not his crib, and he's just there to contain the Abyss, and to stop intruders from either succumbing to the Abyss or empowering it.
i think it's guarding the sanctuary
So I always wondered why they referred to it as a Demon, and why a Demon would be guarding Oolacile... but I guess there's a difference between Demons and "Chaos Demons." After all, the Batwing Demons are all found guarding/serving Anor Londo, so I guess before the Witch of Izalith tried to use her soul to recreate the First Flame, she would construct Demons like this one to assist in fighting the Abyss?

When you think about it, the Dark Soul and the Witch's "Life Soul" are somewhat similar, being able to generate/regenerate souls continuously. Manus himself seems to resemble a Demon, as well as the bloated heads and even the Ghru in DS3, who are later found roaming the Demon Ruins and having slaughtered the Chaos Demons (establishing the rivalry between Dark and Chaos). And similarly to Manus, who is described as a "vicious lump of gentle humanity" prior to his awakening, the Witch of Izalith was a benign force that went berserk and took the form of a seedbed of Chaos, spawning insurmountable hordes of Demons that began warring against the deities.

I guess Kaathe tried to get the people of Oolacile to use Manus's soul (whether or not it truly is the Dark Soul) to create their own "Flame," but just like with the Witch of Izalith, it went berserk, possibly according to Kaathe's plan, and began to swallow Oolacile. This must have been the beginning of the "Age of Dark" that Kaathe mentions, which prompted Gwyn to sacrifice his Lord Soul to rekindle the First Flame after Artorias sided with the Abyss.

There's no boss insignificant enough for lore discussion, lol.
Cheap boss. With his stunlock, even with high lightning defense lol.
Was a little rough as a sorcerer. Even though my Crystal Spear took off a third of his health, he's so fast that it was damn near impossible to get a cast off unless I could dupe him into getting turned around. Granted, I am glass cannon as hell, so he could three shot me as well. Was even difficult to connect with Soulmass because half the time he would jump in the air and all of the homing balls would just outright miss. Not a fun fight for a squishy, but definitely doable if you have high damage output.