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oh wait, it gives regeneration... was expecting something alittle more.. battle oriented.
That's not the "alt-fire" of Force, it's the Weapon Art of the chime you used.
ah nvm, i am wrong again, the alt came from the tallismen itself. didnt know those had them. thought it was based on the equiped spell. sorry for the confusion.
I find this more useful than WotG in PvP, because it's fast enough to actually pop off once in a while. Seems to guard break greatshields in one hit at 60 faith using a Talisman +10.
Will this Guardbreak/Knockdown at point blank range if I use it against a 65+ stability Shield buffed with Great Magic Shield?
Does she not have it in ng+2, because I just went through hell to do all this for this one miracle


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This spell won't aggro friendly NPCs, tested with Cornyx, Orbeck, Yuria, Andre and Irina. Perfect when you wanna kill someone for their loots...
Boy oh boy I sure do love walking on ledges I hope nothing happens to me
Certainly useful in some PvP scenarios, but it's kinda laughable how desperately some people try to push you off a ledge and just open themselves up for punishment. lol
the worst nightmare for this spell users is great arrows