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Adds a little of buildup with each switch to it
The resistance bonuses kind of contradict the weapon description. Maybe From did that intentionally so less people would use it? Or maybe I’m reading too far into something simple.
I tried quitting, it didn't work................ And luckily the sunlight idiot killed the second gargoyle while i was busy trying to quit, because why would I want the *****ing halberd anyway!
"Sunlight Idiot"



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This weapon seems to oddly do a*****load of damage with a Chaos Infusion and 10 Humanity
My fav halberd
One of my favorites in all souls games. Wish it was in DS3


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I love this halberd so much, it is one of the strongest halberds, is extremely light and fast, has one of if not the longest ranges of any other halberd, adds to your resistances and is buffable. This thing is an absoulute beast unlike what its description would have you believe
First Tried Manus with this weapon, no kidding, this weapon is actually very good. Long Range, fast animation, very good damage, buffable. Underrated weapon btw Clap
The description about the weapon being a random drop may be misleading as it is not completely random. It is guaranteed that one (and only one) of the three gargoyles will drop this halberd on any given game cycle. It is random which of the three will drop it, but one of them is guaranteed to drop it. So you will only get one of these halberds per game cycle if you kill all three gargoyles. It is the same with some of the other items that they drop like the Gargoyle's Helm and Gargoyle's Shield. Not sure about the tail axe since I don't care about that weapon.
I actually dropped the halberd 3 times in one playthrough.........