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Wtf do these mean
A full three months later I come with the answer. (Though, a simple google search would be enough, and I suspect you might already know by now) X1 is, of course, Xbox One, the stupidest name for a third iteration of a console I've ever seen and DX11 stands for DirectX 11 which is the latest collection of APIs, (application programming interfaces) that allows PCs the handling of tasks required to run games and other multimedia, so when SoTFS gets broken into two, the DX9 and DX11 versions it means that the former is the obsolete version, the same one on PS3 and 360, meant to run on older PCs that don't support the latter, which is a different build that doesn't retroactively work with systems that don't support DX11.
thank u
Man I really can't get the "this is dark souls" trophy any advice
git bud.
jump off any ledge ez
Try sl 1 Bo death and no no bonfire run on new game +7


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yeah, this is gonna be hard
Sure is
Hey, I made a speadsheet with an editable checkist for spells and gestures:!AhgizzBT3grglfon5i0C_0dDvUaUIg

If mods find it helpful, I don't mind adding a link to it to this page
Thank you man, it will help me.
gestures you shouldn't need a spread sheet they all come with NPCs easily find them
For master of miracles, do all the miracles have to be learned on the same character? Or can some be on one and some on another?

All have to be on the same character, same with every dark souls games.