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You can move around using the one white branch, but not the other


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I just have a stack of them in my inventory and sometimes I can move and othertimes it breaks it. IDK whats going on with this.
Make White Soapstones Small Again
Theres another if you head to the left from the bonfire in the Farron keep ruins, guarded by a giant crab and a handful of Ghru dogs


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You have to keep the, "good friend no hit" variant of the item in your inventory (aquired by talking to the giant), otherwise the giant will still shoot at you.
there's also 2 white branch pieces in farron keep, in the bonfire just before the gate with the 3 flames you have to lit, if you go to the right and find the giant crab, there's a white glowing small tree where they are located, also if you stand next to the tree the giant will start shooting the arrows towards the crab
Ive used the Xan ashes on her and have the resin bundles etc, yet no ability to buy branches. Hm
It must be a glitch
Same with me.
Me to
If you picked the white birch branch as a burial gift, you can drop it (leave option) on the floor and talk to the giant to receive its peace offering birch branch, allowing you to collect all different white birches even in the first playthrough.
Tested as of patch 1.04 cali 1.06 on PS4
Obviously remember to pick it back up once you get the peace branch. Warping away or reloading will probably get rid of the dropped item.
Not sure if you need to leave all white birches in your possession. Tried storing it in storage but does not work. Strangely, resting in a bonfire will restock the items from the storage to your character, even though you have attempted to move all of it to the storage box.
I have all 3 by being given the burial one


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There is also a Young White Branch located outside of the building where Sir Vilhelm is located. Just underneath the Tree Woman.
interestingly enough i used a white branch on the bridge on the way to the twin princes boss fight and the 3 knights just walked right past me
This should be updated. There also are Young White Branches in the Ringed City, around a white birch below where you find the white birch bow.
Also one is used to unlock the ladder to the Purging monument.
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