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Imagine if this COULD transform, that would be awesome. Switching from straight sword with the stances, to the staff with the 1 extra soulmass, spear with the ability to be a catalyst too, curved sword for the super sick flips, and charging the WA with heavy attacks to become Gwyn's version, starting off with it's explosion and any heavy WA moves simulates the SoC wombo combo.
I would love this thing.
Greatsword, not straight sword.
That would make this a BB weapon and a tad bit to overpowered A sorcery and Miracle catalyst that has the move set of a spear,curved sword,great-sword,strait-sword, and staff. oh and a potentially one shot 5 hit heavy yaaa good luck with that
If what the original comment said about transforming were true everyone out use it ,even me,but then would it really be overpowered if everyone used it.
I think we should have the option to transpose either a Straight Sword or Greatsword version. But hey.
Why do people keep thinking there's a straight sword form somewhere to this weapon?
Cuz there is, when you fight Phase 1 of Soul of Cinder, he wields a Straight Sword version, it just looks bigger because he's large himself. The Greatsword we get is from the second Phase where he imitates Gwyn, seeing as how the sword is larger.
For the record phase 1 sword IS a great sword the SoC just uses it LIKE a strait sword also the second phase is an entirely different blade then the one we got is you look at the model it is actually a copy of the way Gwyns Great Lord Greatsword just with the spirals the Firelink sword has, in conclusion: WE GET PHASE ONE SWORD JUST SHRUNK jesus **** look at the damn models for ounce lazy fcks
it's not just a greatsword, it's also a curved sword and a catalyst in phase 1
The WA should be replaced by a move where you hit the sword in the ground and it become a bonfire.
Probably work as the Warmth spell but consume FP gradually.
and permanent break the sword
It would be cool if the weapon art ember'd you but used up over 200 FP to balance it
That's the dumbest thing I've heard. 200 FP?
Then people with 200 FP max (only spellcasting builds so it would suck for a lot of people) would just use it and then rest at the bonfire
after dozens of hours spend twinking, this surprisingly happens to be the best greatsword for lvl 20-40 invasions. dont expect it to be good later into the game thought
why the downvotes? This is important information. just because this weapon shines most in these levels doesn't mean it is OP or unfair to use against casuals in invasions. There are worse things out there which are much easier to get.
dark hand dragon slayers axe etc... :)
Didn't realise the Dark Hand and DS Axe were Greatswords.
I get that people really wanted this weapon to transform and are disappointed otherwise. But you all gotta understand that it is the Soul of Cinder, itself, that enables the weapon to transform like it does in its possession. Soul of Cinder is channeling the power of all of those that have linked the fire and as a result, the coiled sword responds appropriately to that particular soul's specialty or essence. But at the end of the day, the coiled sword isn't anything special, itself. It's no different than any other coiled sword you see in the bonfire. In fact, you literally see the Soul of Cinder draws a coiled sword as a makeshift weapon when you first initiate the fight. Its not a "balancing" thing, it's a "it makes literal sense" thing and "lore" thing. The only way it could have all of that stuff in the player's hands is if FROM designed this weapon to specifically scale off of all the bonfires you've kindled in the main game BEFORE obtaining this weapon and to offer a Soul of any of the bosses you've slain that represents STR, DEX, INT and FTH.
I do kind of wish that you could transpose the Soul of Lords and have the option of obtaining the weapons the Soul of Cinder uses other than this one. I feel like the Soul of Lords (being the most powerful soul in the entire series as it has the power of every past lord), should have the most options of what it can be transposed for. Even the Forgotten King soul has a third option over the Soul of Lords two.
I agree you should have the option of getting the staff or the greatsword or the curved sword, I was disappointed myself when there was no straight sword option


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But what if instead of the sword transforming as an ability, you could go to a bonfire and switch the it to whatever you want. Since the soul of cinder is just basically channeling the powers remotely, why can't we just go to the bonfire and do the same.
I really wished there was more weapons like this (ie Firelink UGS, Staff Curved Greafsword, Great Lance.)
It's "wish there were," not "wished there was," you redneck.
"you redneck" coming from the grammar nazi
Ringed Knight spear, RK straight sword and Lorians GS are good substitutes. Lorians GS even scales with Int and Fth.
sadly doesn't scale with int or faith, but then again it would be extremely powerful otherwise.
Kinda sucks that this weapon is generic as all ****. Should've at least given it a unique WA instead of the crappy excuse for one it has now.
Hmm... This weapon shares the same moveset as a bastard sword.

In promo art of Darksouls 3, the SoC is seen wielding a bastard sword...

SoC wields this weapon in the boss battle.

Conclusion: You were warned what you'd be getting from the start!