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HOW many time we can summon this npc ??
As long as you have humanity.
All the doors are locked though
To keep summoning you need to be human.
I wish these npc summons and invaders had more story like the ones in ds1
Well, she isnt there and im in human form.....
Do you have another summon with you, or a summon sign down?

she is NOT in the specified location
or in any location in that area
If you have the name engraved ring on, she will not be able to be summoned

I need serious help because I haven't been able to find her summons sign....I've been human and the only rings I have are stat boosting one's
just by having her be summonable in multiple places already gives you more attachment to her than any amount of backstory or lore would
I need help because her summons sign isn't appearing even when I'm human