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This thing now scales S in Faith when infused with Blessed. I noticed it went up in the recent patch. Was one of my go to weapons for Blessed infusions, cos of the A scaling and now it's even better. So glad! At +10 with 30 Str/18 Dex/ 50 Faith it has an AR of 390 1h and 402 2h.
And If I'm correct, I think it also scales S with faith when infused with Lightning infusion as well. At least according to this video:
Pretty meh weapon for me. I used to main this and black knight sword or claymore, but now the claymore and halberd feel off, or really weak now.
While I like the halbred, it feels like a worst version of the red hilted halbred. It has better stats and a better WA.

Ps. They both seem to work best with dex
"Sharp" has A scaling with Dexterity at least from +7, instead of the stated B.
best halberd for pyromancer, A A on chaos and dark, and pretty high really