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Your able to stay in demon hunter mode with your stamina bar completely depleted if you keep attacking.
While in demon mode, you can also O dash onto pillars and walls to run up them and then whirlwind dash off of them.
You can now bounce off monsters even with the demon dance unlike the previous titles
It should be noted that you can infinitely stay in demon mode even with no stamina by simply spamming your Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, etc combo. As long as you do not fail to keep the combo going, or get staggered from a hit, you can stay in demon mode with zero stamina.
Is it just me or do all the weapons look the same?
They really do
While in demon mode, if you hold left or right on the stick during the triangle-triangle-triangle combo, the third trianlge turns into the "fade slash" which allows you to infinite.
One of the few weapons you can get animation locked into. Nothing is more embarrassing than doing your combo only to have yourself swinging at the air because of a long chain you missed.
Demon mode + [LMB+RMB] + Mortal Kombat theme song = WIN!!!!! ....you should try :D