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Hey, is there an easy way to quickly kill the ground hunter next to djura? I'm using an un upgraded hunter axe
When I killed him I climbed up the ladder, then slid all the way down after aggroing him and he jumped off and died.
I just cant get it to trigger, thank you though
Thank you, I'll try that
You can also run back indoors (the one where a blood mother 'surprised' you by ramming at a door). He suddenly just stopped at the opening, standing there and I just kept stabbing him with my spear without him retaliating.

This may probably be a glitch...anyone wants to try it out?
Yes. Hard to explain though - trigger his combat radius an run to the wooden stair case and drop off, have him lunge down on you sprint upstairs and stand at the corner, he'll walk into you infinitely trying to reset. Stab till dead.
I got the same glitch. ran back indoors, he came after me and stopped at the entrance. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what was going on (nothing I did made him hostile again. ) and then killed him.
nvm the last comment, i missread it.
Early on, right after you beat the BSB, this area isnt bad for farming. Takes 10-12 minutes, gives about 15k blood echoes. That's from the Old Yharnam lamp to the Good Chalice lamp.
mergos loft: middle, gives you 90 thousand blood echos per run...... just to let you know
this is made much easier if Djura is dead.
You could gain more Blood Echoes if you open the shortcut that leads you to the area near BSB. There's five werewolves in the area (one is on a rooftop; you have to get near the building). Fast route back to the lamp and reduced loading screens means you'll be getting more Echoes faster.
When I go down the stairs where Djura starts shooting at you, there's a beast that is glitches underground, idk why this happens
There is also a floating statue above Djura's friend
Thats the same for me, a strange glitch indeed. Scared the hell out of me when i saw myself being hit by an invisible enemy
That happens to me too, I exploit it just to get through faster. Alsoo, the Hunter in the courtyard can be cheeses by dropping into the courtyard near the dark house, if he follows, he'll get stuck.
you never mark where to jump down on the map to acuire the charred hunters gear... after entering the courtyard you fight the hunter in, head to the statue to the back left, hide and kill the beasts that attack while our trigger happy friend tries to cut you in half with the chaingun. put your back to the statue an you'll see a gap between the building in front of you and the railing. Drop down, and drop again from that ledge (I tried clearing the gap between the platforms, didn't make it... almost had a heart attack until I fiured out I landed right where I was supposed to be, haha)
Trying to kill the hunter in the courtyard I accidentally killed a beast, is there any way to re-pacify Djura?
But how do we get to darkbeast paarl
You get there decently later, when you get to Yahar'Gul or Hypolean Jail. It's found by going in the room with the 2 eye-witches, past the two kidnappers and out the hole in the wall. Be warned though, he is pretty tough, and you'll have to fight an epileptic cameraman having a seizure in an Apache at the same time, so do be careful. His hitbox is also tiny, and bring bolt-resistant armor.
What level would you recommend being to fight Paarl ?
One thing I rather dislike about this area is that the game is like: "Hey, we know this area is rough as you probably just started the game, and by now you should have a +3 weapon, and the giant Gatling gun and the hunter and the beast patients can be tough, but at least it's optional. Optional, that is, if you don't wanna do the chalice dungeons, or start much later and then having to end up do them anyway because you need the ritual blood." You can just skip it and save it for lategame, but it's a pain in the *** regardless. And accidentally killing a beast after befriending Djura feels like when you're playing with a magnifying glass, looking down, and realising that you killed 50t ants and their colony, burnt a hole in your shoe and foot, and looking up and realising you're on mercury. Bloodborne is amazing, but just this particular section seems just a tad forced.
Where's the thick cold blood? Has no marker on map but indicates that there is one in there?