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So I'm CP 230 I've been recently researching armor stations that give bonuses I.e. (Julianos, hundings rage, etc.), my main concern throughout this process is scaling of the equipments, and is CP 230 the right level to start actually crafting these equipments, and the biggest concern I have is when I craft these items (items=heavy armor and swords) is, is it better to craft this now or later at CP 690, does any of the values change i.e. (damage, stats, etc.), or does it stay stagnant regardless of the level you're at, because if that is the case I believe dungeon sets are my best bet



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Gear caps out at cp 160 so you won't have problems. All the gear you find will be max level. And you can craft and wear max level gear
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Thanks a lot


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Speaking of caps, between 160 and 690 are the only improvements to your character through champion points, or is there anything else that goes up as you continue to play (aside from skill points from shards, etc)?
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I remember reading that your base attributes (health, magicka and stamina) increase at 100, 200 and 300 CP as well.



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I think I have read that somewhere too but can't remember exactly what it said, Other than that as far as I know besides getting whatever skill points you still have left around and investing the champ points you get those are the only ways to improve your character, excluding getting better gear,. So I noticed that when you find a skyshard in a delve that you can't get it again on a different character, what I'm wondering is are the skill points that we get from finding three skyshards acct. bound or just to that specific character? I haven't gotten a chance to go look myself but I hope we get the point on every character on our acct. cuz id not that means I have to figure out some way to split the points finding skyshards gives me up between the characters I have.


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What monster set is best for tank?