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Well here i have a story to add to the wiki:
I reached the Undead Settlement and out of sheer curiosity, i did the "climb on the cage on the back of the big guy" to join the Mould makers covenant early
After i exhausted Hodrics dialogue, and received the covenant sign, i boned out
Later i returned to fight the Cursed Tree, 2nd Phase, the floor broke and we fell on the pit
now i cant complete Sirris quest, GG WP Fromsoftware

i would like to know if anyone else has seen this happen?
That's what supposed to happen, ya dingus.
great story 69/10 would read again, I'm pretty sure literally everyone experienced this unless they killed hodrick themselves. And you can still do sirris quest, GG anon OP
you can still complete Sirris' quest. Check her page on the wiki, she will show up after defeating Aldritch.
He invaded me at Dilapidated Bridge twice, both times I went back to Firelink Shrine. He stopped invading after that. Go figure.
I talked to him in the Pit of Hollows bud didn't joined his covenant. Then i was fighting Curse-Rotted Greatwood, after fight i found him already dead near bonfire but without his armor set. Is that bug or i did something wrong? Or it can be still possible to fight him with Sirris?
He will always be found dead after the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, but it doesn't break Sirris's questline. You'll still be able to fight him later.
he is dead because you dropped a f.ucking giant tree on his head (and the floor as well). But only hodrick in "your" world is dead. Hodrick in Sirris world is still alive so when the time comes she will summon you to fight him
Wrong. We actually fight Hodrick in the past with Sirris. Fire link shrine is not only a world but also a time hub. Some people make even comments of "how long it has been since we've meet last" when it was actually only 3h ago. Sirris is from the past and long dead. (yorshka says we are the new and only darkmoon knight ...what should be impossible if Sirris would still be there in our time) Thats why Hodrick is dead in our time. And Sirris (outside of the shrine) is actually too. It has nnothing to do with paralel universes. It's time traveling.
>Get to Cruxifixion woods soul level
>get to NG+3
>get to the woods, dry finger that bad boy
>summon hodrick
*fire and chaos everywhere, screams and in the distance, sirens*
This was genuinely some of the most fun I've had in the game. Hodrick becomes a **** blender, and the watchdogs and other invaders typically fight each other when they can't find you
Can't really hide because Hodrick will follow you everywhere you go...but I see your point.
In Demon's Souls most BP are way thougher - even on ng. There is no Undead Hunter Charm. So they heal and heal.... Hardest IMHO is BP Selen Vinland. She is in the swamp - can run and roll - you are stucked and fat rolling. You play as mage? She casts anti-magic shield that lasts 60 ! seconds. Wanna block her attack? Her Blind goes through shields. She is extremeley fast - you are not. And she heals and heals.... Same with Satsuki. Hits like a truck - and very fast. One mistake and you are dead. To much distance and he heals.

Hodrick hits hard (and parries well) - but with charm (and pyro ng+ and beyond) you get him down with ease. And you even could use seed of tree, alluring skull, duel charm and cheese him down with pestilent mercury or somehting else.
why would you use seed of a giant tree on a mad phantom that enemies attack anyway?
Well yeah, sadly FromSoft dumbed down difficulty throughout the years. Hodrick and Alva are the only threats in this game and perhaps Creighton NPC wise. Demons Souls and Dark Souls II however were relentless for dark spirits.
Creighton, Vilhelm and those 2 DLC pyromancer aren't that easy either. Sure certain weapons or strategies work extremly well against them but if you don't have or know them you will be killed.
the biggest @sshole in DS before angels, he have infinite estus flask and always recover his health - and player just have 15 estus flask max, so annoying.
for me nothing more annoying than to recharge hp or come back to life and player have many limitations to fight with it.
He only has about 6 estus flasks in the area where the giant shoots arrows. He will cast warmth when they run out.
"infinite estus" dude i used to parry train on this guy, i can tell you for a fact that he runs out of estus very quickly, i kept having to run back to the bonfire and reloading to keep him from dying (it's really weird, you can actually rest at the bonfire even after he invades you)



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Found out today that Hodrick can also use Stone Flesh, the same skill from Havel's Greatshield. When using the skill he takes close to no damage and if he is in his Warmth he is practically invincible, taking around 50 damage from a r1 with Vordt's Great Hammer.
Can confirm, was lucky enough to catch it on video. Not sure how or what triggers him to do that, or what you did, but my friend and I made him Poisoned and Toxic, lit him up with arrows, and just watched as his shield and pyromancy flame glitched out like it sometimes does. Weirdest thing.
I always just push the stupid sh*t off a cliff...
A cheese strat for his first encounter that I haven't seen discussed is going in with the Giant Archer's Young White Branch, leading him over to the white birch, then jumping over to the platform where the Undead Bone Shard is found. Stand near the edge and when Hodrick gets close he'll try to swing at you but just end up throwing himself off the cliff.
Is he the most dangerous NPC in the game? He does so much damage.



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Hodrick is easy af, don't get parried and punish his chugging/casting. Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild though...
This guy below said daughter of crystal kriemheld is hard LUL