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Well here i have a story to add to the wiki:
I reached the Undead Settlement and out of sheer curiosity, i did the "climb on the cage on the back of the big guy" to join the Mould makers covenant early
After i exhausted Hodrics dialogue, and received the covenant sign, i boned out
Later i returned to fight the Cursed Tree, 2nd Phase, the floor broke and we fell on the pit
now i cant complete Sirris quest, GG WP Fromsoftware

i would like to know if anyone else has seen this happen?
That's what supposed to happen, ya dingus.
great story 69/10 would read again, I'm pretty sure literally everyone experienced this unless they killed hodrick themselves. And you can still do sirris quest, GG anon OP
you can still complete Sirris' quest. Check her page on the wiki, she will show up after defeating Aldritch.
He invaded me at Dilapidated Bridge twice, both times I went back to Firelink Shrine. He stopped invading after that. Go figure.
I talked to him in the Pit of Hollows bud didn't joined his covenant. Then i was fighting Curse-Rotted Greatwood, after fight i found him already dead near bonfire but without his armor set. Is that bug or i did something wrong? Or it can be still possible to fight him with Sirris?
He will always be found dead after the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, but it doesn't break Sirris's questline. You'll still be able to fight him later.
>Get to Cruxifixion woods soul level
>get to NG+3
>get to the woods, dry finger that bad boy
>summon hodrick
*fire and chaos everywhere, screams and in the distance, sirens*