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Works very much like a sword would, except a little slower. Really packs a punch with good STR scaling, good base damage and great stagger potential. The heavy attack is fantastic and does a ton of damage whilst the light attack combos come out very fast with a Mossy charm. You can do a light, light, heavy combo that works like the regular light, light, light, heavy combo of swords which means you can pull it off that much faster with this. All in all I recommend this weapon if you're looking for a STR scaling "sword".
charm mean that ennemies hit by you will target you more, more usefull in co-op than solo.
whats the charm thing for
I agree. This is an ideal weapon for a strength build that desires to use swords. As was said, I recommend the +attack speed charm to get the most swings out.
OMG ! that means i got a rare drop :) cus i did not knew it even existed
Reference to DS2 with its "Red Rust Sword", since it looks like a sword but uses axe move sets?
reminds me of slave knight gael
The best Axe out there for a pure Strength build. Highest attack power if you don't have 24 points in Dexterity and without counting the slow hitters. One of the longest reaching, if not the longest. Also one of the lightest. And it can be acquired as early as the Red Hall of Cages. If you're lucky or have a lot of Willpower, you could even get it for free (I had those Torturers drop 4 of them in one run once). The only downside is that it requires Enduring Skulls to fully upgrade.
Great for a warhammer build that needs slash damage, because the mace tree is right next to the warhammer and heavy armor trees, saves you having to spend a ton of points in the greatsword tree. Made short work of third lamb, bloodless prince and witch of the lake which have high strike resist but low slash. Acquired very early on but lasts the whole game.
Edit: Stone Cleaver is actually better if you are taking on enemies with low slash, tested at str cap with both weapons +6