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Need to include scaling info for DLC weapons as well
I heard a rumour that Arcane increases your Discovery? can anyone confirm?
Yes it does
well, you don't just "can" modify your weapon dmg type via gems, you need to, otherwise arcane scaling adds no dmg to the weapon as it seems
Thank you, though I think I am going with the tonitrus, looks really fun!
Is Tonitrus good though? I play on having that my side weapon. I do have a Saw Cleaver right now though, and which would be better? My arcane is at 40 right now, 10 str and 9 skl.
scythe + rifle spear both scale with arcane
When buffed with fire or bolt paper.. your arcane stat comes into use
That actually helps a lot, thanks for that last guest. I'm going with 28vit, 40end, 40str, 12skl and 50 arc. Game comes in a few hours, HYPE!
Anyone know a weapon that scales well with is? Want to make a build around this stat for my first playthrough.
cane does scale with arcane on B if upgraded to +9 as well, and i think tonitrus does also scale with arcane; not to mention that you can use gems to increase arcane scaling on basically any weapon - and of course you should look at the spells (tiny tonitrus, executioners gloves, call beyond etc.) since they add quite some variety (and unpredictability in pvp)
I believe if you add an element to your weapon via runes/glyphs/whatever they are called, your weapon will deal primarily that kind of damage and adds Arcane as a modifier.
Rifle spear does not scale with arcane, it scales with bloodtinge
The tooltip in game says it raises your Discovery rate. You can also see your Discovery rate increase when you train points in this stat.
yes. But it is insanely subtle
So I know that this page has been up fora while, but I still see comments as recently as a month old that still seem to be confused about how Arcane scaling works. Playing an arcane/jack-of-all-trades as my main, I felt I would try to compile what I've learned via digging on other sits and here in one place.

WEAPON SCALING: Yes, all weapons have arcane scaling, but they only benefit from it if they already have natural elemental damage, like the Burial Blade or the Tonitrus. Otherwise, this indicates how the weapon will scale IF you put an elemental gem in it (which will remove the physical scaling). The Tonitrus, for example, will always scale a bit with Arcane because it naturally has bolt damage. The Threaded Cane, despite having B scaling in arcane, gets no benefit until you put an elemental gem in it. At that point, it does pure elemental damage and it will scale with ONLY Arcane, making other physical stats above the minimum requirement useless.

ITEM DISCOVERY: IT increases item discovery up to 50, just like it says on the wiki.

DIMINISHING RETURNS: So here is where Arcane gets weird. For scaling on weapon damage, it works just like anything else. You see a soft cap at 25, and a much harder one at 50. The damage from Hunter Tools, however, does not appear to have a soft cap. I'm capping my own level at 150 with 60 arcane, so I can't speak to the upper limits of the stats, but I have read elsewhere that the damage on these tools will continue to scale very well up to Arcane 70 or 80. This will NOT affect the damage on weapons, however. Past 50, they stop benefiting from scaling to any appreciable degree. Taking your arcane past that limit is strictly to boost the damage of your Hunter's Tools.
OP Again. After doing some more digging, I found a guy who did some extremely extensive research on the scaling of hunter tools. Based on what they found, the tools have ONLY hard cap, and for most of them, it's 50. However, the Tiny Tonitrus and A Call Beyond don't hit their cap until 70 arcane.
Where's the Holy Moonlight Greatsword?
You get the holy moonlight sword after defeating Ludwig in the DLC. Once you beat him, simply attack and destroy his head and he will drop the sword
Arcane is good against What? Like fire is against beast, lightning against... Idk too.
From what I feel playing an arcanist. It's sort of a neutral damage type, few enemies are weak to it but none are really resistant either.
Btw lightning is really good against enemies wearing a lot of metal. It seems obvious but I don't see a lot of pppl who understood that. (Orphans in the loft before reaching Micolash or the big guys right outside the witch abode)
If by arcanist you mean using only arcane damage, then no. Arcane is strong against pthumerians in chalice dungeons(excluding the Queen who is weak to fire) but weak to some enemies with magic Powers of their own including certain kin.

Arcane builds revolve around having a decent grasp of the elemental rock paper scissor nature of bloodborne and is supplemented by the pretty op ranged damege of high arcane tool damage.

The one damage type that is the jack of all enemies so to say is blood damage. That is balanced by bloodtinge only providing that damage type.
Yep, Pthumerians (Watchers, Merciless Watchers, Elders, Descendants, Queen Yharnam, etc.) are super weak to Arcane, as well as most kin enemies--especially Amygdala. Bolt is good against enemies with metal armor, as one person mentioned, as well as "aquatic" creatures like the celestial mobs, celestial larvae, brainsuckers, and Ebrietas.
Arcane is a measure of how sympathetic the old ones are to your character. you get this through the background stories at the beginning of the game and the hunters tools. "old ones are sympathetic." hence why the tragic background gets "help". The hunters tools are familiars in communication with the old ones, or are objects linked to and old one ,that old one pays attention to. When you use an arcane hunter tool or weapon really you are asking an old one to help your character either by directly intervening (A Call Beyond, Augur of Eberitas) or blessing you (Old Bones) There are a few items that scale with arcane but are really powered by remnants of an old ones' interactions with the object.