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just burnt this guy np with irithyll straight sword and wonky build. Frost hits for ok damage and his attacks are like any knight style fight. Stay close wait for combos to end and remember his three special attacks, you should be fine.

Charge the crossbow in phase two. One bolt in the head wont kill you and its an easy hit.

Any haters just dont get it. Im not sure i do either but awesome way to end the souls series in my opinion. Now i just have to hope for more bloodborne. Or maybe from could take on some gun combat souls style.
Beat him with my Gehrman build. Using the Corvian Great Scythe and Knight's Crossbow with Splintering and Explosive Bolts. His attacks might do a lot of damage, but that's assuming he can hit you. 1st phase: dodge his attacks and counter-attack immediately afterwards with 1 light attack. fire a bolt if there is a pause in his attacks outside of your scythe's range. similar with second phase. Third phase just keep your distance and shoot him with bolts until he goes down. Only use the scythe in phase 3 if you run out of ammo.
Gotta love Gwyntoriael, Orphan Slave Lord of the Astral Abyss Clocktower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Loved this boss fight! I'm wondering if all the haters are people who can't summon others to do the fight for them! Curse wood greatshield and irithyl straight sword work really well with toxic pyromancy or storyteller staff to counter his high HP. I finished with 7 estus flasks spare and I'm not even good at this game :) Loved the lore behind him as well, a great end to the souls games.
I done this solo on new game plus 4 first time fighting it loved the boss battle other than all 18 deaths I had. But I do wish that there was an easier way to beat him as all I have is the +5 wolf knight great sword amd a +10 long sword.
Doud , the Wolf knight GS is one of the best way to kill him since it deals additional damage to him
The final boss of this great franchise is hobo Santa Claus who you wouldn't even know anything about unless you played the first DLC, and has zero relevance to the real story. Way to drop the ball; even Smough would've made more sense than this guy. Bring on the downvotes.
If you say so my friend however the point of the character WAS that he was a no name. A no name that achieved greatness, like you in every series, and now you are pitted against one another. Granted the first dlc being a requirement to understand the second dlc's final boss isn't a good design in the first place so I'm with you there. I like gael personally and the intensity of the fight (The terrain darkening as he loses himself to the dark soul I believe and lightning being around the third stage.) however they definitely could of done a better job in incorporating him in the story of the second dlc.
I like the way he's like the player
Noones know his name , he went through his journey , except he didn't return , and then you just fight in a lost place , where the only things left , is you , him , Shira waiting to **** u , and a random Ringed knight crying in a corner
I would say the key to fighting him would be patience. For the first phase wait for him to do the downward stab or the lunge attack and get 2 hits in here and there. If you get greedy you'll often get caught up in a swing and lose like half of your health.

Your shield, especially if you have a 100 physical defense is useful, but should only be used for emergencies just in case you get caught up. He usually has like 3 or 4 hit combos for the 2nd phase so just wait for him to finish! Just like any other dark souls boss, once you figure out his patterns he's really not terrible. Just don't get greedy with the amounts of hits to get in!
I would say , the key to win , is just be **** aggressive and dodge right :D (Got to phase 2 on my first try , phase 3 on my around 6th , and won after around 12 attempts)
How would a buff-stacking lightning build do against Gael?
Every time I help someone kill this boss, I get a message from the player thanking me. It honestly makes me feel like a great person. Whoever does this, thank [you]. I know this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I had to say it.
same bro
Well, I am on my second char and for some reason he is not there. My first char is on ng +4 and everything is okay, but this one can't fight him. I've got bonfire at Filianore's Rest but when I enter zone where he is supposed to be nothing happens. I've killed the knight that drops titanite slab, killed Shira but he simply does not shows up. Any 1 knows what's going on
After rolling back the backup made after Halflight boss, he's just sitting there where he should be. No idea what went wrong, but nvm. Weird bug, or whatever