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Do you use R1 or L1 mostly?


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R1 for a very quick hit (in a boss fight or to start a stagger) when windows are small or timing is bad :)
L1 for all other situations
2nd most cancerous weapon after crescent. 3rd is farron memesword.
Farrons? Only in a gank.
Solo? Every swing is parryable. l1, r1, r2, combos. EVERY
A couple thoughts:
1. Very versatile weapon and cool move-set. I would recommend for beginners the raw gem early game and maybe after a couple bosses and investment points in dexterity, the sharp gem infusion. With that, you can get damage to 300+ and boss fights are not too bad.
2. After a while, you'll have an idea of when to use dual vs single-handed. Don't solely rely on one vs the other as some bosses (like Lothric and Farron) are actually better taken on with a sword and board approach, while others (crystal sage, deacons and maybe even Dragonslayer Armor) you want to get in and deal as much damage as quickly as possible.
People are complaining that noone complains about this thing. I suppose they never used this or wardens actually. Everyone uses ultragreats or those "Thanks fromsoft I could never do pvp if you hadnt made these" black knight swords. They dont need timing, they dont need baiting, f*ck they dont need to do anything to win. Its like they are Ron and you are Becky. They just want to smash. Use this only if you dont mind catching *** cancer. Lovely weapons tho.
Are you dumb? Are you actually complaining about people using heavy weapons? Do you not know how to press circle? Lol. These swing faster than a Black Knight Sword while having the same damage as them. Your complaining isn't warranted.
Complaining about any weapon that isn't faster than a SS is silly.
"They dont need timing, they dont need baiting" You must be fighting people who have the reaction time as slow as a turtle. Fighting anyone with a decent concept of roll timing and spacing makes using Greatswords exceptionally difficult. These however all you really need to do is be aggressive and spam one combo...what are you on about?
So, at 50 STH and 50 DEX, I'm curious to see if a Sharp infusion would be better than a Refined infusion. I use this weapon often, along with Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight's Greatsword.

Any thoughts y'all? Sellsword Twinblades are wonderful for PvP.
I may be a little late, but in case you still want to know, Sharp infusion wins by 2 damage at 50 STR 50 DEX.
this refined with old wolf curved sword , pontiff's right eye and carthus beacon then buffed makes for possibly the best pve anti-boss build
Should I infuse them with blood gem and use it with carthus rogue or rather go with sharp gem cause of the A bonus in DEX? Is there even a noticeable blood boost when using them with blood gem and carthus rogue? And by the way how many carthus rogue can I even have? Thanks guys
don't use these with bleed . try to farm for a gravewarden twinblade instead if you want to go for bleed
and in that case , I think most people will tell you to use carthus rouge rather than a blood gem (but it really depends on what you are going for . if it's just for bosses , go for as much damage as your build allows and use carthus rouge . if you want to bleed every enemy you fight , a blood gem isn't that bad but it does lose on physical damage)
Thank you for your anwser, I now got the Warden Twinblades with Sharp Gem and Carthus Rogue. It's very effective for Boss Fights.
For PvE is absolutely insane. I've been rolling up the bosses without even playing well, without being able to properly dodge their attacks and roll well, but with this weapon and the large amount of estus I almost outtrade them. The moveset is so versatile, the R1's are really quick and good for stunning or interrupting enemy attacks or against the faster bosses or when you do want to use a shield, and when you are facing a slower boss/don't want to use a shield the L1's dish out so much damage. And then there's also the weapon art and a decent R2 that you can learn to use too, although I haven't found either one very useful.
R2 is best for memeing after a backstab I've seen. Saw a video posted somewhere on here of someone beating friede with like +7 and all they did was backstab, charged R2, then stunlocked L1 until out of stamina. Worked pretty well for me, being able to dish out almost 3.5k per stamina bar with +10 and Carthus flame arc, I don't believe backstab included.
Best PvE weapon in the game. Not bad either for PvP