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Could she be the Dark S
-ouls 2 handmaid from the intro?
I had a weird thought the other day--what if she's the former queen of Lothric? It doesn't say much about the Lothric queen, other than she disappeared after the birth of Ocelotte. She was also said to be fond of looking after the lonely graves of the Undead, offering her blessings in the form of holy water... Maybe she also went a little nuts, and sort of forgot who she was.

Eh, I guess it's a little far out there, but it's fun to think about nonetheless. Maybe she was just another priestess, considering she sells the Priestess Ring in the Untended Graves version of the shrine, and since her outfit is somewhat similar to Emma's.
After giving her Orbeck's ashes if you get them from the Grand Archives, she has a unique bit of dialogue saying that the fate of the ashes' owner (Orbeck) and death are intertwined... I didn't think to write it down, I was just surprised to see something different. If someone else wants to confirm, that would be neat.
She says that everytime after giving her second "recently deceased" ash.
If you sell things to her can you get that stuff back?
This dosent go over the fact if you kill her, her prices will go up
she will sell smough's set after you kill aldrich
Can someone list what the Shrine Handmaid in the Unattended Grave sell?



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Her unique items are the Wolf Knight set (Artorias' armor) and the Priestess ring.
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