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I have the same exact issue. The lizard in the cage is dead, and when I talk to Jahan in order to perform the ritual, the dialogue just stops.
Any ideas on how to deal with this issue?
I tried to hand in the quest but I don't get the completion for the quest nor do I get the option for him to join my ship, am I doing something wrong? Or is this a common issue?
In the Archives there is a secret room. Anyone know how to get inside?
gotta have wits to do that, walk near the wall between the bookshelves! (the part of the wall that looks like a sealed arch)
i have the site of the Archives on my map. I have / am there but i can't find the door. I am at 19 wit's. How much does my wit's need to be, or what am I not doing to see the door?
Is the character with 19 wit the one you are moving to the door? I'm not sure if it's known but wit & finding things are not shared throughout your party. Also, you can always just chug a wit potion, use peace of mind, or dig w/a shovel in the spot
Hey guys to those who still doesn't know how to reveal the hatch...You simply have to use a shovel in that area and keep trying till the hatch pops up...Your welcome !
Or just pick your most witty character and cast clear minded on him
I got all of Basatan's and the Advocate's vendor loot (or most of it) including over 50k gold in total, 7 pouches of superior pixie dust, loot I had sold them, etc.
I did everything on that bloody island and came back to Jahan - cannot finish the quest with Lohse, he brabbles and everything is pointing to that cage but then the conversation is off. I know the tree name, I did everything - no quest update. Dang it.
Ok just ignore this post, I finally made it with various talking options - I was just tired and not clear minded. Cheers.
I did all the quests on Bloodmoon Island, but upon returning to Jahan to complete them, he tells me he'll teach me about source, the conversation goes as intended... only I don't actually learn anything from him. My source pool didn't go up to 3 as it should, nor did I learn Source Vampirism.
This should now be fixed in the most recent patch. Also, make sure to tall to your gid after getting your secind source point. They teach you source vampirism at THAT time.
como consigo la etiqueta academico ??? porfavor alguien me dice
la tiene por defecto Red price y la asesina