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I have the same exact issue. The lizard in the cage is dead, and when I talk to Jahan in order to perform the ritual, the dialogue just stops.
Any ideas on how to deal with this issue?
I tried to hand in the quest but I don't get the completion for the quest nor do I get the option for him to join my ship, am I doing something wrong? Or is this a common issue?
In the Archives there is a secret room. Anyone know how to get inside?
gotta have wits to do that, walk near the wall between the bookshelves! (the part of the wall that looks like a sealed arch)
i have the site of the Archives on my map. I have / am there but i can't find the door. I am at 19 wit's. How much does my wit's need to be, or what am I not doing to see the door?
Is the character with 19 wit the one you are moving to the door? I'm not sure if it's known but wit & finding things are not shared throughout your party. Also, you can always just chug a wit potion, use peace of mind, or dig w/a shovel in the spot
Hey guys to those who still doesn't know how to reveal the hatch...You simply have to use a shovel in that area and keep trying till the hatch pops up...Your welcome !
I got all of Basatan's and the Advocate's vendor loot (or most of it) including over 50k gold in total, 7 pouches of superior pixie dust, loot I had sold them, etc.