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blood covered pursuer will also be added later
Crowfeather set

helm:workers hat
chest:karlas garb
gauntles: assassin gloves
leggings: lorians leggings
Iron man:

Iron helm
Undead Legion armor
Dragonslayer gauntlets
Lothric knight leggings
Decorative Old Hunter Set

Helm:Workers hat
Chest: Clandestine coat
Leggings: black leather boots
Gauntlets: none
Helm of favor
dragonscale armor
dragonslayer leggings
dragonslayer gauntlets
Ordained Hood
Black Dress
Black guantlets
Black leggins
Drakeblood Noble:
Helm - Faraam helm
Armor - Drakeblood armor
Gauntlets - Winged Knight gauntlets
Greaves - Winged Knight leggings
Right hand weapons - Irithyll straight sword/Twin Princes' Greatsword
Left hand - Black Knight shield
TBH, the Peasant Worker Set is a must have, I use the Knight armor and leggings with Worker gloves, Worker hat, Pyromancy Hand (obtained from Cornyx), and the Dark Hand weapon (obtained from Yuria, successor to Yoel of Londor). This costume can be obtained in the second main area of the game, after beating Iudex and Vordt. Very accessible, very fashionable.

Worker Hat
Knight Armor
Knight Leggings
Worker Gloves
Pyromancy Hand
Dark Hand