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So say I have a greatsword with paralysis, does this mean that said effect will proc sooner?
Also would like to know this information. TY
If you have enough positive Affinity to land a critical hit, absolutely. The Apothecary Mantle is still your best bet though.
On a side note: don't use slow weapons for status procs, it takes ages.
If I had to guess I would say no, this only lets you paralysis sooner but does not effect the chance to proc.
You have a 30% chance of status effect damage happening every attack, this damage degrades over time. After so much status damage the status effect happens. This is why faster weapons are better for causing status effects.

This says it increases status damage but not chance to proc. In essence this only works when you crit and when you proc at the same time. Haven't tested or anything but that seems to be how it is worded.
Weakness Exploit is your friend for this armor set.
do negative crits count?
The description only mentions an increase. Since Crit Boost doesn't work on negative crits - and any similar effects haven't in past games - i'm guessing you don't get a penalty for negative crits.