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Does this also affect your Blast weapon damage as well? Like in MHX?
Would also like to know
According to this guy no. Which is bull beause if it doesnt then why do all the armor sets that come with blast attack also come with bombardier?!? If it only effects bomb items and not blast status then itd make more sense to put bombardier on sets that have Sleep attack since thats how its supposed to be used.
This does not seem to increase the damage from Blast explosions. You'll want Blast Attack, and what you get is a faster buildup.
I think artillery will power up blast as well
There's a "helmet" (it's earrings, but goes in the helmet equipment) called Pulverizing Feather that grants bombardier(x3). I don't know for sure what I did to get it but it was given to me by the arena quests woman, I believe when I had completed all of the arena quests on page 1.
Does this affect Gunlance shelling?
Does not affect Gunlance Shelling.
Does this increase attack of blast element on your weapon?
Does bombarder affect the wyverns mines from the light bowgun?