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I generated a F/R/C Pthumeru Ihyll, glyph upe5fkqt . Contains: tier 3 Clockwise Metamorphosis rune in Layer 1 pre-lamp side area, tier 3 Heir rune in Layer 2 pre-lamp side area, a Great One Coldblood in Layer 2 main area. Also a good amount of Ritual Blood (5) scattered throughout the dungeon. The first two bosses are among the easier ones.
A few questions regarding heir and co-op:
If I have the heir rune(s) equipped, and a cooperator (without heir rune equipped) performs a v.atk, will I get the bonus echoes?
If I perform a v.atk with heir rune(s) equipped during co-op, will the cooperator (without heir rune equipped) receive the bonus echoes?
If I and the cooperator both have heir rune(s) equipped, will they stack between us?

Charge attacks count as viceral and give more echoes when you use this rune
I tested on the Church guys with the Cannon and Greataxe at the Nightmare Church. I had Moon, Heir (the one dropped from Henryk), and the other Heir run (the one found in Yahar'gul) on. I chain visceral attacked the cannon one from behind with Charge Attacks, and I'm granted 8620 echoes. I then killed the Greataxe one with a Visceral Attack from a gunshot-stagger and only got 4736 echoes, so it seems Heir only counts with the Charge-ATK Visceral Attacks?
While viceral attacks dont need to kill for the buff to be applied, the enemy has to die soon after, or the echoes buff will fade away
this is the only one missing from the astral clock