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I can't get lapp to leave the balcony. I go up to the round room and he isn't in the chair. He wont leave. wtf
If the Dreg Heap and the Ringed City exist "at world's end," and if this is a world where epochs seem to converge and stack on each other, then maybe that would explain how Patches is able to span so many timelines? Then again, the Undead never really followed the laws of time, but still, you have to wonder why just this one NPC is able to cross so many universes, seemingly with no recollection of his other incarnations...
I found the slab and ring of favor +3 before i met lapp the first time. Now, he's at earthen peak ruins but wont leave. Any way to move him or is his questline screwed?
you need to get the siegbru from him in earthen peak ruins before he is able to fight with you during demon princes and then he will go to the ringed city
You cant move him anymore. But you can at least get his armor by killing him in Earthen Peak Ruins and purchasing it from Firelink Handmaid
*kills Patches*
*does Lapp's quest*
*Lapp is revealed to be Patches*
well patches is unkindled too so
lol are you forgetting that patches is undead too? thats the reason he turned hollow in the first place
HE'S A *****ING GOHSst

When Patches states that he is *devoid of all worldly wants*, he may actually literally mean it. The fact that he has no goal, no thirst for power or fame, might actually make him immune to the Undead Curse and its hollowing.

So yeah! He can die as many times without looking like a depressed raisin.
Time is convoluted so it doesn’t matter when or if you kill patches.
should be changed to,+Spear+of+the+Church
"Cor, I can see why they call this the dreg heap at the world's end"
What the heck does "Cor" mean?
It's a term (more of a noise) used by the british to emphasize surprise. I dont think i have ever seen somebody try and spell it before
English exclamation showing surprise.
You have the Internet, use it.
As others have stated, it's an english-ism. It's a corrupt form of 'God', and can be read as such. (Cor blimey, the most stereotypical english curse, is a corruption of 'God Blind me') So the statement is 'God, I can see why they call this the dreg heap at worlds end.'


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Fun fact: ''Cor'' also means ''color'' in portuguese.
I'd have said more of appreciation than surprise. See the song Chim Chim Cheree in Mary Poppins
"The rooftops of London,
Cor! What a sight!"
The character (**** van Dyke as a chimney sweep trying, and failing, to produce a London accent) was not surprised by the rooftops of London, just showing his appreciation/delight in the view.
You can get the "Toast" gesture from him at the balcony if you've never met Siegward.
By final boss do they mean Midir? Because I have killed Gael and I can still finish the quest
No you still can finish the quest after midir, he is probably at the place where you climb up from the beyblade turtle


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Same here, killed Gael but Midir is still alive, he is not hostile.
For some reason in my latest game, Lapp stayed on the Balcony and wouldn't leave for the Swamp no matter what I did.