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Miracles were great in this game for anyone who beat it because you only get great lightning spear and sunlight spear at the end. It's really difficult early on in the game.
Plus a couple of other decent miracles even later, in the dlc areas.
I have all the miracles but I still don't have the trophy. Can anyone help?
same here it doesn't seem to work for me.
Turn on internet
I wish there were cooler Dark miracles, hoped for some in DLC but alas
lo mejor es ser mago y caballero
It seems to me dark miracles are kind of funky. Come to think of it, dark sorceries are a bit funky too. The devs probably should've just grouped them together into a hex class of some sort with its own type of catalyst. I understand that dark, by its very nature is not intended to work efficiently, but stacking faith only for Dark Blade and having to stack intellect as well for dark infused weapons and other spells feels like a waste of stat investments. As much as DS2 kinda bugged me, they got hexes pretty much right on the money.