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Why does the base damage from Red Eclipse I to Red Eclipse II decrease?
... What does it mean ? 'Cause this special is obviousely not ot take literaly
Extra blade means it deals extra dmg on foes who are weak to blades.
It means it does blade damage instead of slash
Correct Answer: the perk converts damage to Slash. if the attack would do strike, it results in 50% blunt and 50% strike damage. This perk also applies to your off-hand if you are 1h it. So the flintlock normally deals 50/50. with this perk on the main hand, it would be changed to doing 25% Strike damage and 75% slash damage.
Extra Blunt intrinsic perk works the same, but for strike damage.
Having played through the game, snazzy as this weapon is - it is a trap.

The damage scaling is atrocious and for a while after getting it - everything has a considerable resistance to it's damage-type, bringing a hit which would have hit for 50+ to ~14 or so.