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Can confirm that the spawn point near the tower works on route A/B as well. It's very random though, anything from a simple gadget to a gold ore.
Where the hell in desert did someone find one? Ive combed it for hours with no result.
Guys, easiest way to get this:
Change difficulty to EASY and equip those auto chips. Play the hacking game in challange mode. You won't die with these chips. Beat all 48 stages, and the reward inclues all 3 tiers of this gadget type material.
This is by far the best way, tried all sorts of farming locations from this page. This beats any sort of running around picking up items method.


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Is this repeatable? I didn't get the reward the second time.
I sold my auto chips a long time ago, now nobody sell that to me anymore. What do I do?
What hacking game?



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After you reach route B, a hacking arcade opens up in the save points. It gives rewards based on how many you can beat without dying.
Resistance camp shop has the auto chips, in case you sold them and want them back.
Found one using the dynamic scanner on the path to the Virtuous Grief in the Forest. It is in the center of the path before you jump to the area where the Grief is located
Transport/travel to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber.
If already cleared the game, pick chapters after A2 kills the forest king(that infant)
Its replaced by a harvest point that gives gold ore, simple gadget, elborate gadget. Once you get it just save and reload, rinse and repeat since it wont spawn elaborate gadget everytime.
Got two in a row in the royal chamber but nly worked after killing the 4 enemys in the first room
For those attempting the Royal Chamber farming route: I found that if you kill the 4 enemies that spawn in the antechamber before heading to the cradle, the drops get progressively better e.g. crystal --> gold ore --> simple gadget --> elaborate gadget, which is how I got it in about 5 reloads.