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If he does kill you and takes the torso stone, But return and kill him you'll get the torso and head after his defeat.
Yes, I lost my first fight with him. I lost my torso stone, but beat him and got both


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nope, there is no dialogue anyways as I can remember. He is just standing there and when u get too close, he initiates the fight.
Does losing to him once lead to any additional dialogue? Like, "Oh back for more, eh?" Or something more fitting to his character...
what happens if i killed him before the dragon stomes how can i get the dragon stones then?
you cannot, you can get every dragon piece besides the twinkling head if he is dead
Is this quest line bugged? I had the twinkling torso stone but nothing ever happened with blacksmith Andre.
I think you might have to be wearing the watchdogs covenant badge. He didn't give me the swordgrass until I spoke to him while wearing it.
Did you actually talk (selecting the "talk" option) after "talking" to him? :)
I have the un-patched original ps4 version of this game and in ng+ hawkwoods duel invitation began early prior to even reaching prior to reaching arch-dragon peak. I checked with Andre after defeating Wolnir and the quest was initiated.
It's likely because of my original playthroughs torso stone still being in my inventory during ng+. I'm not sure if this will cause him to become un-summonable later on in the game, although as far as I know he's only summonable in archdragon peak.
Update, it definitely causes him to become unsummoable prior to and after the duel
He is also summonable for Oceiros, The consumed King.
after i get the twinkeling stone, i go to the firelink shrine like im supposed to to talk with andre, i have the stone, and the old fart wont do the dialouge. what do i do? hawkwood isn't leaving and andre won't talk about hawkwood leaving.
Try quitting and reloading the game, then talk to Andre
What do I do if i have already killed him before,I can do anything
Andre isn't giving me any dialogue. I got the dragon stones, switched to the watchedogs of farron covenant, quit and reloaded the game, and exited and returned to the shrine.
The hell do I do with his bloodgrass now?
use it
He's pretty easy to beat at low SL by toxicing him and just pelting him with undead hunter charms to prevent his estus.