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YOOOO I just noticed that the tentacle that sprouts from their head looks a hell of a lot like the Kos Parasite. The tentacle itself is broad and smooth, but similarly to the Parasite, the Brainsuckers have a series of smaller tentacles growing from their face and mouth. Not to mention, that tentacle doesn't just "sprout"--if you look closely at a hoodless corpse that you've killed prior to a successful grab attack, you'll notice a long slit running from ear to ear that has very clearly been sewn shut. It seems to me that the Choir must have removed the brains of these individuals and manually inserted the Kos Parasites into their skulls, but clearly this didn't end as they'd hoped....

Oh, I thought I'd add that these dudes are very clearly not weak to fire. Ludwig's Holy Blade with over 500 bolt damage, though? Takes them out in a single hit from the short sword alone.
Yes the tentacle
Is most likely a phantasm, an overgrown pearl slug.
NOOOO THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEAN. The Kos Parasite is NOT a phantasm, as phantasms do not feed on insight, but "produce" it. Plus, this thing isn't a slug--its mouth is in the wrong place, and its evidently got tentacles sprouting from the other end, exploding out of the brainsucker's face--which looks a hell of a lot like the Kos Parasite in its inventory graphic. Not to mention the thing inside the brainsucker IS a parasite, unlike phantasms. What I'm trying to say is, it looks like the Kos Parasites were harvested by Byrgenwerth and they tried to incorporate them into human hosts in an attempt to understand the nature of Kos, but this clearly didn't end very well.
there is nothing more satisfying than stunlocking one of these f**kers to death with a church pike with bolt gems

You said it, man.
Cannot agree anymore, dude.
These guys are literally the freakin' devil. so damn annoying with their stun spells and*****.


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I wouldn't mind these enemies if not for the fact that the Insight they take cannot be recovered. So annoying.
Demon's Souls had a boss that DE-LEVELED you with a grab attack. Losing 2 insight is nothing. Even Dark Souls had the Darkwraiths, they had a grab that stole humanity. This is nothing new. Everything in this game is meant to feel permanent, that's why you can't save/reload (without going around the game).
Worst souls enemy ever made

Whoever desgned this creature should go fall off a cliff or something
That's a bit much, dude.
No it isn't.
you just suck is the problem
Storm the pricks with LHBs r2 then spam r1 for a easy kill
Like I'm sorry that daddy touched you in your no-no square but that is no excuse to go punishing everyone who plays Bloodborne with this*****tily designed enemy.
THIS enemy is the most *****ing dumb ***** ***** brown twat mother*****ing ***** *** ***** to ever exist. *****ing 40 insight? NO NOW I HAVE *****ING 19 YOU MOTHER*****ING *****S.
Whenever I read through a comment section I expect the usual "git gud" comments (I'm not gud, but I'm getting better), so reading the reactions to the brainsucker is somewhat relieving in the fact that I'm not alone in my hatred for this enemy. Seriously, eff these things. Eff them so very hard.
Beyond dumb. Lost 16 insight in the upper cathedral because the placement of these *****ers makes backstabbing and actually avoiding them impossible. Like they spawn facing you as well as one being behind you when you go after a scurry, which is bs because you either kill the beast and risk insight or you kill the brain*****er and miss out on the chunks. And they both respawn so the only way to kill the *****ing scurry is to risk getting grabbed instantly by brain*****. The only enemy I find worse than these *****s are winter lanterns, but at least those don't take away a finite currency that's noticeably harder to replace than echoes
Reset your Chalice Dungeons and go crawling again. Insight is no longer finite because you are killing dungeon boss after dungeon boss. Rinse and repeat till you have as much Insight as you wish.