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is it just me? or would the stories of Demon's Cry and Angel's Folly work better the other way around?
Wouldn't work at all
Angel's Folly weapon story is basically the pre-quel to Demon's Cry.
Actually no, the oddity is intentional. (what are the demon and angel at the end of both stories?)
Prequel? Nah
It's done on purpose to imply that they're related with each other you
you fool
Demon's Cry relates an angel who becomes a demon and screams at the injustice of existence, while Angel's Folly is about a naive Demon who does not understand the nature of good and evil and suffers as a result. The titles are correct.
Seems as if Devil's Hatred can activate off of itself, so the resulting chain explosions can clear crowds nicely. Also seems to apply a massive knockback to survivors, generally.
fffk that escalated quickly
The Demon's Cry description explains the truth behind a demon's cry.

The Angel's Folly description reveals the foolishness of an angel.

It's not that hard people.
So many of these stories are about altruistic individuals who suffer terrible fates. While these characters are ostensibly, "good," the reality is that they are just weak or blind.
I would argue they are not weak/blind - moreover that they exist in a society that prohibits or even punishes them from doing good. Here, the angel tries to help as many people as possible, but "it is forbidden" to help sinners and non-believers. Why? How can that be said to be fair?

The blood of the girl and all those the angel cannot help is not on the angel's hands, but the structure which forbid them from helping certain individuals.
I like the imagery of the angel's hatred staining him black, it reminds me of Eve during his fight against 9S and 2B.