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So Henryk managed to stunlock her despite my help, but after she died (dropped the badge and everything) she started talking while I kept fighting Henryk. The dialogue is the same as when you attack her, but that's also not on her page; I did find this video of the glitch:
I followed her quest line and she still ended up hostile. Any one else experience this?
Maybe you hit her while fighting henryk
I found a VERY easy way to kill the Chikage NPC. All you need to do is lure him back to the bottom of the stairs and play around with his AI a bit to get an idea for where he passes that zone of no return before zombie walking back into his arena. It's about half way across the lowest platform in front of the doors. Get him to draw his sword into blood mode, dodge the attacks, and bait him into attacking towards the door. If you dodge around him at this point, you can keep whacking him repeatedly which pushes him back towards the door if your back is towards the staircase. Keep knocking him towards the door, regen stamina, and repeat until he's dead. You can do this even if you have absolutely no attack power on the weapon you're using so use whatever you'd like, as long as it's fast. Let the bleed/poison kill him for you.
Eileen has additional dialogue if you attack her before she goes crazy, in the sewers for example. Dialogue includes her saying “You still have dreams? Tell the little doll I said hello.” if she kills you.