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so where can i find them ? except this one quest
i found these and drop rate in the amusement park


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Yesterday with EXP farming I discovered that EXP Gain Up +0 and EXP Gain Up +1 drop from enemies in Amusement Part, more frequently if you have Drop Rate Up chips. I easily managed to get enough for a EXP Gain Up +3 as early as Ch. 04-01.
apparently the body near the factory entrance has a chance to give out Gain exp chips, Drop rate and Auto-use chips, it can be farmed easily by looting > save > reload> loot> repeat
the body is gone after I retrieved it for the first time, it was the body where 2B died at the end of prologue right ?
Yeah, I farmed that spot till I could get +90% Drop rate, then farmed the amusement park till I got my high efficiency +3 and +4 drop rate chips. I was hoping there was something you could kill to get EXP chips, but figures the way to get them doesn't give you exp. :P
Best place to get these is from the Small Stubby in the amusement park.
Start at the Access Point, take the path to the main area. Kill the 4 just up the stairs, then the 4 just down the stairs. Then follow the stairs to the entrance area to kill another bunch (you may also want to kill the flying ones to get Drop Rate Up chips). Once you're done, quicksave (you're still within the Acess Point's reach), reload and repeat.
You can also buy EXP Gain +6 from the roaming Emil Item Shop for 50K each.