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Only thing they need in the moveset is to be able to parry and critic on the player. He did it to another watcher in the opening, that looks pretty cool
They were too easy to be a Lord of Cinder soul vessel. I've found some of the other bosses more difficult than these guys, which from a lore-standpoint, is off-putting.
sure they are easy...if you know what you are doing. But at this point in the game most newcomers don't really. I played DS1, 2 and Demons Souls and still they forced me to level up 30sl to have enough to survive them. Now I beat Nameless King without taking any damage. Main problems are that the fight centers around multiple enemies, and hiding behind a shield won't work. 2 huge problems. Nothing what you've learned so far to this point works. And then even a second phase! Compare that to Vordt, the Cursed Greatwood or the Crystal Mage. The jump in difficulty is immense. Compareable to the jump Ornstein/Smough was.
Not sure if it's the Blood of the Wolf eventually drove the Watchers mad or the Abyss tainted them so they fought each other
I started co-oping with my dual-wield ugs build and found that the charged two-handed R2 on the zweihander pancakes the boss in either stage. I assume that extends to any big enough weapon with a downward swing as the charged R2. It is really satisfying to keep smacking him down while the host wails.


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