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I tried combining a blank Air skillbook with Chain Lightning Scroll and i get invalid combination?
chain Lightning is a two point source skill therefore you will need a higher quality blank air book
Those are both elemental books. You either combine it with phys-based skills or non-elemental magic like necromancy.
yo is there a summon spider???
Summon Bone Widow is a normal Necromancer skill.
Bone spider. Necro spell.
you say a normal necromancer skill??? how far into the game??? because im just about to leave island fort joy and havent got it yet???
> All Skill book traders will recieve the next tier of skill books when the player reaches levels: 1, 4, 9, 13 (source skill), 16. This seems wrong. I am currently level 9 in Driftwood and while the traders don't have all skill builds they are selling some master tier and source skills.
Hi everyone, Can we do a spell with scoundrel and necromancer skills ?
No, combined spell books are only a result of any skill book with one associated with an element (fire, water, earth, sky) if you go to the skill books page there is a grid that will show you this more clearly :D