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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

ive got no hatch there at the archive, no way to get the tree to speak..
You need a certain amount of wit to discover it. You can also just take a shovel and dig where the marker is on the map.
No hatch either...........*****
You need high enough Wits points to be able to notice hidden hatches.
I have 18 and can't see the hatch. How much do i need ?
Came across the secret stash while exploring and dug up a package with no way to open it. This was before completing the ancient tree and the druid's quest. After I finish the quest, the package is still there without a way to open it. I finally gave up and shot it with my archer and it gave me 2 skill books.
What worked for me was using clear mind to boost wits while I was close to the flag... it triggered the hatch...

Finished the tree part of the quest but cannot talk to the druid anymore, no chat bubble...
Spoke to the tree, but I can't speak to the druid again, no chat bubble... seems like a glitch
remember not to "kill" the druid spirit.... you wont be able to complete the quest.