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"No skill required ahead"
Equip the Butcher Knife and laugh like a maniac while slaughtering everyone >:D
The curse fog seems to be triggered by the tall deacons in the second phase. Sometimes, one of them will stop moving and just start shooting soul dregs up into the air. If enough of them (3 or 4, it seems) are doing this, it triggers the curse fog. However, if they're staggered (or backstabbed) they will resume their normal "aggressive" tactics, though they may later resume firing soul dregs up if left alone. Notably, if many of the plump or generic deacons start shooting soul dregs up into the air, it does NOT contribute to the curse fog, but instead means that Royce is charging up his deep soul attack. You should quickly stagger him to cancel this attack (should only take one hit, since he has no poise at all).
Honestly the hardest boss for any caster after ng+5
Use Sacred Flame
Nah, Wrath of the Gods still owns these guys on NG+6
Off handing Astor spear make this fight trivial.
A horizontal swinging UGS is extremely effective.
"Haha such an easy boss. Can't believe it even is a boss!" Continues on until he is in NG+12 and is one shot by fireball
It continues to get harder after ng+7?
No he was just making a point. Scaling stops at ng+7.
Idea:armor of thorns + long range
Tipp: Pontiff's Left Eye is very good in this battle. You attack many time s, speek you heal good.
I used to scoff at this fight, but it all depends on your level and the NG. A SL1 on NG+7 is going to have a very different experience than a lvl 300 on NG.
Who the hell is going to be lvl 300 on NG?
I had a character I was level 331 for almost the entire first playthru. From soul duping obviously.