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What do all these cruel and virtuous weapons really mean? The cruel and virtuous spears both reference father and brother Nier, respectively, so aside from 2B, who else is being referenced by the entries in these weapons?
Aside from spears, Cruel and Virtuous weapons seem to be about 2B, 9S and their feelings for each other. The only weird one is Virtuous Grief, as it would rather fit 21O than anyone else.
Specifically the Virtuous weapons reveal 9S' feelings and the Cruel weapons reveal 2B's feelings.
What does "Holy Blessing" do?



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Increased attack when at full health.
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Holy Blessing's damage buff is about 16.5%, which puts it above the damage of Beastbane (highest average base damage of the small swords)
Does this actually show in the character stats when you equip it with full health or is it a hidden stat that can't be seen?
Weapon stories for both Virtuous swords/greatswords and Cruel blood oath swords/greatswords imply the romantic ties between 2b and 9s, as each story is told from the other's perspective.
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