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Putting this gem inside a weapon with arcane or bolt DOES work but does not show on the status screens. Tested with the Burial Blade - 02/02/2017
What happens if u place this on lets say simon's bowblade... Would it do anything? And if it would, how would it work with the blood/phys damage and all
If you use a odd fire gem fire damage is applied to both melee and ranged shots but will lose it's BT scaling for ranged mode. using a regular fire gem is even worse as it loses Skill and BT scaling and is replaced by arc scaling. If you are a arcane build there a much better weapons and Hunter tools to waste bullets with, if you are still/BT there are much more beneficial gems to use over fire
Anyone know a good place to farm firegems (especially radial shape)? I really want to fire-infuse my saw cleaver, but i only have low level radial gems, and a waning shape thats nothing special.
I actually got a high level triangular Fire gem from one of the hostile Tomb Prospectors in Isz, maybe they also drop different shaped ones in different dungeons?
"Fire Blood Gemstone is a waning blood gem" followed by "This gemstone comes in Radial, Triangular, and Waning forms" and I'm really confused.