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I got lost in the side area before Celestial Emissary while the Beckoner and another cooperator fought him... I was lost the entire time, I'm so embarrassed!
Don't you worry, nobody ever loses to the Celestial Emissary
Damn, now I feel like trash since I died to the ranged attack.
Aw man, don't be so harsh on yourself. These dungeons can be very confusing some times.
I can give you a help woth this Chalice. PS ID WarriorGS15
anyone still do chalices/co-op. im a bit late I assume...lmk PS ID is Pibed
I'm currently going through them, but im level 300, so we/ll need a password. I'll make it 1234. My PSN is SmellyGooch5000


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I'm not sure this community is that large anymore but I know for sure that you can find a group on or r/bloodborne.
Yes, I'm doing it right now.
when i saw it was layer 5 i thought it meant there were 5 bosses to contend with on 5 different levels. when fighting ebrietas we killed each other at the same time and upon my return i found no door to the next level down. i spent hours going round looking for another door or some way to progress. i lost several hundred thousand echoes to those damn pasta faced things and came to the conclusion it must only be a 3 layer at level 5. seems a great place to farm for levelling up though. that room on layer 3 with the little aliens and a couple of bad doggies gives nearly 80,000. not a bad return for a few minutes of hit and run.