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Demon's Scar comes from Ringed City DLC not Ashes of Ariandel :)


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Anyone else having trouble getting the achievement/trophy for collecting all of these? I missed exactly 2 in my first play through, just collected them both in NG+ and have no achievement. Am I really going to have to buy them all again and forego the other items that some of the boss souls give? And if so, is that going to clog up my spell attuning screen at the bonfire? Will I have to sell half my pyromancies? Thanks. -Zaphunter



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Back up your game to USB. Check and make sure you actually have every pyromancy with the list. Any that you are missing transpose the soul, and get the achievement, then reload from USB. That way you can have the achievement and not mess up anything else you might want to have.
If you are sure you have all and don't have the achievement... I suppose you could try selling them and rebuying them in NG+.


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I don't think the demon's scar is from the Painted World of Ariandel ...


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I feel like the Pyro Flame is using the DS1 image.
it is
Really wish there was a black pyromancy catalyst
You mean parting flame
No, he didn't mean the parting flame
There used to be a catalyst in dark souls 2 for dark pyromancies
But hexars aren't even a thing in this game anymore there isn't "Master of Hexas" trophy ne'ir the dark spells called "heaxs" it's just second option for the mages to have
Sadly even if there were dark catalyst for pyros it would be useless

They actually had "Hexas" and Dark catalyst But it was removed from the game :(
(cut content)
Isnt every pyro catalyst are dark pyro catalyst? Dark spells scale with Int and Faith. All Pyro catalysts scale with Int and Faith
You can use the Izalith Staff to boost the damage by the Dark Pyromancy spells. This will slow you down, but if wearing the Sage ring and going for a refined build like say... 16STR/35DEX, 22INT/22Faith
Medium vigor, stamina, vitality... you should be alright for a PvE build...
Too bad Izalith Staff doesn't cast Pyromancies instead as in Dark Souls 1 the Witches of Izalith used staves, since this is what we see in the intro cutscene. But a total lost really..



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It's a story of lore (lol). Witches of Izalith used to cast flame sorceries, but it was forgotten long ago (it is on the description of DS1 staff of Izalith), so I guess in the cinematic, they are casting fire sorceries and not pyromancies. And this is why this weapon cast sorceries and not pyromancies. Also, fire sorcery is a gift of the witch of Izalith to her daughter, while pyromancy is a creation of Quelana, one of them (and the only one that didn't become a 50% demon 50% naked lady thing). Would have been cool to get at least one of those old spell during of one the games. But well, it isn't forgotten for no reason, I suppose.
Hello I have all 30 Pyromancies, but I do not get a trophy. What is wrong?
Thanks, the problem is resolved.
Don't mention it.
Shouldn't it be Dusk Crown Ring instead of Farron Ring? The first reduces FP consumption for miracles, sourceries and pyromancies while the later only works with weapon skills.
Farron ring is meant for the WA, aka; Combustion. Since Farron ring reduces FP cost for all WA, it reduces the cost for Combustion, therefore it's meant to be there. But I can't understand, aswell, why Dusk ring isn't there...
Looks like they're both there. Although, the page looks like it could use an alteration. Everything seems to be a bit out of scale. Tomes, spell icons, gear, etc.
Why can't the pyromancy flame act as a light source?
Stop questioning things
ive always wondered that
Where is the bandages that cornyx wears? does it boost pyromancy?
After beating the old demon king fight with the pyromancer summon still being alive you go back to where you found cornyx and his armour set is their and no they dont have an effect on pyromancy
Ugh flame fan