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brokest boss ever in this franchise!
I can not find an explanation why my first king is 100% immune to damage? Is this a glitch... ? Every strategy I find says to kill them as they come, but I can't even hurt hem until there are like 3 out at once. It's made the fight almost impossible! -.-

I'm using a +5 Lightning Zweihander. It does a lot of physical and lightning damage when I can start hurting them...
does this boss have a boss weapon if it does someone please tell me
He fights with a sword although he does not drop a weapon.
In case you were not aware. They will keep spawning up to four until you finish the total health bar.
Power Within Rush makes this Boss look like a joke.



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The problem most have with this boss ist the dps output against them to avoid getting gangbanged by them. Therefor i suggest either use a really strong slow wapeon which 3-4 shots them (Dragontooth or even Dragon King Greataxe do work extremely well) or the easier method, use a small but fast wapeon and buff it with some resin. Magic seems most effective against them. Also if you know you only miss like one hit to kill one begore another appears summon the witch phantom, she doesnt really survive a lot but if she hits she hits good.
Using CB deals 40hp self damage instead of the usual 20. No idea why.