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Starting character Attribute Points: Strength - 4 Dexterity - 6 Vitality - 4 Endurance - 4 Will - 6 There seems to be no difference when selecting a certain Origin.
Windfall is definetly the most popular
The about ability is amazing!!


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Do you have to avoid in a certain direction, or does just moving your mouse make you avoid? Cuz if you have to avoid in the direction of their attack, then that makes it way harder to use than the absorb special ability.
You have to avoid in the opposite direction of the attack. If an attack comes from your right side, then you have to move your mouse to the left, otherwise you jump into the attack. It is definitely harder than absorb.
And this wayyyy more fun
Yes, but you can also take the height into account, so jump under lows, duck under highs, etc.
I mean...can you blame people? The avoid is amazing and the moveset is fluid as hell