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What is that on the ledge above the graveguard set? (6 on the map) Can you make the jump from that log or is it accessible from somewhere else?
I found it, you have to jump the gap by the viper nest over the alien dudes .
im level 50 and im progressing pretty comfortably
I'm at lvl. 44 currently going through there, I think 40+ is about the right range.
it's at the frontier headstone in the hunters dream
Can someone help I can't find the boss here and I'm lost in these woods I just want to find the boss and get out of this confusing *** maze
I don't even have a lamp option in the Woods. Lit the one after the fork in the road, have no option to spawn in that area
I found a bloodstone chunk in the forbidden woods. its guarded by three snakeheaded dudes, two of them already snaked out, one regular. its about halfway past one of the first big viper mobs in a niche to the right. past the first roots i think....
Anyone know the suggested level for this area? I am level 30 and having an annoying time trying to be summoned or get help. Am I overleveled?
Seen that map is missing an item, how do I suggest an edit?



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^ I spent 3 hours in the woods and still didn't have any sense of direction. Look for an area with a pig and 2 bonfires, its at the end of an almost dry riverbed (or whatever it is). Take the path up between the bonfires to find the boss.
Should probably mention the snake enemies in the water leading to losefkas clinic, since they just ambushed the crap out of a buddy, and all that is mentioned here that i noticed is the giants
level 30 is underleveled for this area probably
He killed two people between the last time I talked to him, so I think it must have a different counter than that.
so much backtracking to find a *****ing boss
no wonder reviewers said it has terrible replayability
@guest welcome to dark souls
How does backtracking have anything to do with replayability?
Where as other games revert your save and you lose all progress? lol.
The only thing that takes away the replay factor is when the game revives you at a nexus after getting killed i.e repeating the whole ***** thing again. -.-
Reviewers aren't paid to enjoy the game, of course they found it distasteful; hell, all they do is state their opinion as if it is the majority, when they are the minority that couldn't find joy in it.
open shortcuts...
Pfft nonsense
These games are some of the most replayable games in existence
Fun fact: This area can be completely with 0 backtracking.
So I read that if a player uses either one of the resonant bells for pvp or co-op, they essentially cannot continue because once they returned to their own world, the could not get a key item that it used to progress. My question is, what if the person who uses the resonant bell to be summoned already has the key item? Also would it affect the summoner the same way? Getting my *** handed to me in this area so was thinking to summon some randoms. Would hate it if the I caused the random i summoned to be unable to progress.
The first elevator shortcut is bugged. Cant go down. Tried everything. Even circling to get it down again. Still nothing. The update didn't fix it either.
the trap with the swinging log scared the crap out of me, it made a noise so i turned around saw nothing turned back to keep going to see a spikey log in my face
same, it scared me and i lost most of my health
1 It might be a bug
But I don't see the red moon and i don't hear mergo crying in this area
2. This is A REALLY GOOD Bloodecho farming spot
Just going through the first part of the area (up to the first villiage where their's that huge hole in it) with just One of the moon ruins I can get around 30000 blood echos
Pretty good farming spot (there's probably better, idk) if you run between boss bonfire and first bonfire using the shortcuts killing the pigs/snake dudes (9k souls in 2 min, + some vials)
Lecture Building 1F is way better at that point of the game and you get buttloads of bullets.
I'm not sure if that map could be more confusing.
I actually found it quite easy to understand once I found out where the white armour set was
There is a mistake on the map. If you go to where the GraveYard set is in-game, and look at the cliff, you can see some loot. The cliff and loot do not appear on the map.
An anonymous user already commented on it, and it was answered in a reply how to get it.
It's the missing piece of the Graveguard set - Graveguard Mask, and you have to jump over the gap on the back side of the plateau (over the alienguy area).