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If anyone can make me a set of medium training armor consisting of 5 pieces of hundings rage, 2 pieces of night mothers gaze and 2 daggers, a battleaxe and a bow all with nightmothers gaze lvl 38 (if it adds no extra cost i would prefer it in the dark brotherhood style) pm me a price and ill gather the gold
Ps4: ZeroEnforcer
Europe server
If you need this set just send me a message. 100k gold each piece.

Lol, I'm jk. Go farm it yourself baddies
Are you a child? Because you sound like one.
It's a crafted set you can't farm it
Could someone craft medium hundings armor 5 set divines for me pls? Grinding for mats and researching is taking forever as I don't play it as often as I should. CP160, blue/purple if ppossible. I'll pay. X1 eu server GT: Immortalbs