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If anyone can make me a set of medium training armor consisting of 5 pieces of hundings rage, 2 pieces of night mothers gaze and 2 daggers, a battleaxe and a bow all with nightmothers gaze lvl 38 (if it adds no extra cost i would prefer it in the dark brotherhood style) pm me a price and ill gather the gold
Ps4: ZeroEnforcer
Europe server
If you need this set just send me a message. 100k gold each piece.

Lol, I'm jk. Go farm it yourself baddies
Are you a child? Because you sound like one.
It's a crafted set you can't farm it
Could someone craft medium hundings armor 5 set divines for me pls? Grinding for mats and researching is taking forever as I don't play it as often as I should. CP160, blue/purple if ppossible. I'll pay. X1 eu server GT: Immortalbs
everyone the rift picture is incorrect it send you to nightmothers gaze


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Any idea where it might be?
Can everyone stop *****ing asking for some guy to make you cp 160 hundings set for free? It would be much appreciated if you cancer kids just made your own*****
How about you make me a set and then I come over and love your sister in the mouth while you touch yourself in the corner to some g a y amputee midget incest porn you trick?!
Well said man
SerboCaine708 on NA Xbox one severs. Have questions and will pay for a set or materials
I can craft all pieces of this set with Ebon Style. Send whisper (PC-EU) @Ryu38
The Rift map seems to be incorrect!
The rift map changed shortly after release and it was never updated.
the rift map is actually upside down, so its it right place if you turned it upside down